We started in June 2001. We reached agreement to purchase 10 acres of land. It looked like this.











We closed on the purchase August 28th. We broke ground shortly thereafter. Here the basement walls are being prepared.

Here is the view of the finished basement walls from one side of the hill.

Here's the well being drilled at the bottom of the hill.

About this time, we purchased a used mobile home to live in while we build. We moved into the mobile home on October 30th.

On Feb. 1, 2002, our logs arrived on two trucks.

Here we are unloading them.

In the meantime, I was framing the house.

Here's the first part of the roof going up.

I hated this part:

This wasn't so bad:

Here's the back of the house:

Here's the front of the house:

Here's the 'finished' carpenter, G.B. Best himself, working hard:

Our first logs and windows!

Alright! Now we have siding!

Here you can see the cellulose insulation on the right. We had the whole house insulated with it, instead of fiberglass. It's supposed to better at eliminating air leaks. You can also see the sheets of drywall on the left.

At last! It's finished (mostly)! Here are some interior shots.