Warning: Listen at your own risk! I do not claim to be a singer! But it doesn't stop me from trying. All songs were written and performed by myself.

Into Real Life was written in 15 minutes one evening while in college in 1983 and has been requested at weddings.

Miracle written for my lovely bride Melba in 1984 and I performed it at our wedding. This version is a studio recording.

Only A Friend was written in 2007 when our dear friends Robbie and Jennifer moved to Texas.

Purpose was written in a time of frustration in 2008. While it is not an uplifting song, it is creative musically and lyrically and is one of my personal favorites.

What Are You Waiting For, from 2009, is a little corny, but has a unique and powerful key change for the bridge. Features my wife Melba.

Deliverer, from 2010, was an attempt to write a song in the modern musical style: boring. I couldn't do it. A duet with with Melba.

How To Say Goodbye, a country tune, meant to be depressing. Which is stringa because I'm not depressed.

All songs copyright Lee Huntley, Ball Ground, GA, USA