I have a miscellaneous assortment of bowls and saucers from the hard-to-find Currier & Ives "Wint-O-Gold" collection. I do not know how old they are, as I bought them used. I will sell them by piece or in bulk

Description Picture Price
(5) 7-1/2 inch soup bowls $10
(5) 6 inch dessert bowls $8
(9) 5 inch bowls $7
(3) 5-3/4 inch saucers $7
(7) 6 inch saucers $7
Stamp on back of each piece n/a

All of these are trimmed with a wide, decorative brim of Warranted 22K gold. Most of the pieces are in excellent condition. Some of them show slight wear and one of the 6 inch bowls is chipped. As you can see, they have one of two different prints on them.

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