Day Three
Wednesday, June 9th, 1999



This was a most spectacular morning. The air was crisp (36 degrees) and clean with bright sunshine abounding. The first thing we did this morning was take a ranger-led hike. To get to the starting point we took a ferry across Jenny Lake. This picture was actually taken on the ferry. You can see the Grand Teton in the background.













This is Hidden Falls, the best waterfall in the park, and it can only be seen on this hike. It is about halfway up the trail to ...











Inspiration Point. Although the temperature was pretty cool, the hiking warmed up our bodies quite rapidly, so Lee was very comfortable in short sleeves. The total trail length is about .8 miles one way.








Here's my attempt at composing a panoramic shot of the Teton Range. I haven't yet figured out how to blend the pictures together, so for now, I've just butted the pictures up against each other. Still, they're a most awesome sight!



Now on to Yellowstone! This is Lewis Lake in the southern part of the park. It is still mostly frozen over!









On the banks of the Lewis River, we stopped to romp in the snow. We threw a few snowballs and skidded down small slopes on our sneakers most of the time! Here Abby is taking a breather.









Here are the first hot springs we came across. They are near Grant Village on the west end of Yellowstone Lake.








Here's a closeup of one. You can see the steam and sometimes you can smell sulfur.









This is the female elk that charged Lee when he stepped up onto the railing of the boardwalk around the hot springs. She only had to take a couple of steps before Lee relinquished his position! The park ranger there said that there were calves nearby and that all the females in the herd are very defensive.







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