Day Two
Tuesday, June 8th, 1999

Here the kids pose on a statue outside an art museum in Jackson.

We took a dirt backroad and were rewarded with this site. An elk and her calf meandering across a field.

A little later, at a place in the park called Oxbow Bend, we observed this moose for about 10 minutes. We left before he did! How do you like the backdrop?

As you can see, it finally started clearing up at the end of day two. With all the rain they'd been having, the water was moving pretty swiftly. We also saw an otter in one of the side streams here, but he was too elusive for my camera.












Here's Abby on the shore of Jackson Lake. This whole area of the shoreline is covered with cobbles. Notice the yellow flower in her hair? It's the flower of a Balsamroot plant. It was the most prevalent flower we saw throughout the trip.














Here are Sarah and Lee at the same location. As you can see, Jackson Lake goes right up to the base of the mountains.






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