Now on to Arlington National Cemetery. The rows and rows of markers are very sobering.

Below, Sarah is studying the graves of John and Jackie Kennedy.

The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Silence is not requested, but demanded. The guard actually got onto two kids who crossed the rope line.

This is the new FDR Memorial, located south of the mall. It is a series of stone walls engraved with his quotes and scenes of life during his era. It's very well done.






The Washington Monument was closed for remodeling. There was a lot of remodeling going on this summer all over town, but this was the only thing we encountered that was closed.










The view of the Lincoln Memorial across the mall pond.







Inside the Lincoln Memorial, somehow without the crowds.










Another sobering sight; people rubbing names from the engravings at the Vietnam Memorial.



Inside Ford's Theatre, decorated just the way it was the night Lincoln was assassinated. The Presidential booth is in the upper right. A National Park ranger told the story of how Booth plotted and carried out the assassination. Below the theatre is a small museum that tells some very interesting stories about the murder conspiracy and 4 others who were executed for their involvement.











Next, we went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Here is the Hope Diamond. It's about the size of a large wrist watch and deep blue in color.











The view inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.








Next stop: Philadelphia & New York